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  1. In her amazing memoir, Dolores brings terms
    often only seen in textbooks and found in
    journals to life. Sometimes in
    heartbreaking detail, equally at moments
    with tender happiness. Relating their lives
    as measured by common elements, a house, a
    song, a school room, a conversation,
    Dolores speaks for so many who rarely have a
    voice to articulate their lives with
    mental illness. I find lines, laughter, and
    tears remain real for me long after closing
    the cover.

  2. Thank you so much, Karen.
    It means so much to know the book speaks to you on this deep a level. The perspective of children and families of the mentally ill so often goes unspoken.

  3. Dear Dolores, let me simply explain how impressed and inspired I was by the depth and volume of your works shown in your handsome website, TRACES. And I happen to have
    met you on few occasions and I found you beautifully gracious, versatile, and generous in spirit.
    Thank you and much luck with your next book!

  4. Thank you, Therese: I am touched by your appreciation and return the admiration.
    Your website and the work showcased there is rich with highly evolved expressions of Love and deeply felt experiences of Beauty. You are an artist of great sensitivity.

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