A centerpiece of TRACES is my work as an independent broadcast journalist working in public radio. Over the course of more than 20 years I profiled artists working across a full spectrum of artistic disciplines – visual and literary arts, music, theater and performance art. The bulk of this work was produced for two cultural affairs “magazines” – Crossroads and Arbeat (under the direction of Executive Producer, Elisabeth Perez-Luna) and distributed over National Public Radio.

Although the features I produced often fell into the short-form (under 8 minutes) category, my interviews tended to be long. Each interview sought to be richly descriptive of the artist’s personal philosophy and purpose; each one a dialog on issues of current concern.

For this archive we have created a single page for each artist profiled. Included is a sound file of the original feature as broadcast along with HIGHLIGHTS excerpted from the unedited recorded interviews that were the primary source material for the produced radio profile. It is my hope that this material will have value to students of art history and practice, as well as the general art oriented public.

Jimmie Durham

Richard Foreman

Jaune Quick-to-See Smith

Roger Shimomura

Theodora Skipitares

Adrian Piper

Vishnu Wood on Alice Coltrane

The Evolution of Alice Coltrane

Laurie Anderson – the Woman and Her Music 1987

Judith Jamison DANCING SPIRIT 1993

Garth Fagan 1993 – Jukebox for Alvin

Anna Deavere Smith – HYMN (1993)

Valerie Capers | Composer, Musician (1991)

Wayne Sanders – Founder, Opera Ebony

Hung Liu 1994 Year Of The Dog

A.R. Ammons, Poet  (1996) 

Gerald Howard, Editor